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Originally Posted by Carnage- View Post
Couple of questions:

1. Does this work with the CMS and blogs? (can it insert the keywords into a widget?)
2. Is there a branding free option (eg to remove the linkback) if so, how much?
1) CMS/Blogs integration: not currently, I was going to build it around the full suite, but after playing around with the beta versions I actually just modified wordpress to suit the new vb as you can see on my board ( as I wasnt a fan of the whole vb4 CMS at all.

I will however have widget functionality built into the next release, which will come out once Ive got through all the suggestions of this release.

2) branding free version/paid version: I haven't really thought about that to be honest, I guess I could launch a "gold" version... I will come back to you on that mate.


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