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Thank you for this article, I've been looking for this!! Question though, is there away to prevent certain usergroups from posting new threads in certain main forum areas, whilst still allowing only staff usergroups to post? So those forum areas don't have to be turned off, via admincp? I was thinking of something like...

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But have it like: IF staff usergroup(5,6,7) allow posting in forums(15,16,7) deny any regular usergroups (1,2,3,4) posting in (15,16,17). Then all other forums will be allowed as normal for all usergroups... Really, it's just mainly the main forums containing sub forums. And to only allow the staff to be able to post new "rules/stickies" in those forums at the top. Without having to shut off those main forum areas from regular users posting new threads... I rather not have to turn off those areas and then turn them back on again later, if a staff needs to post new rules there or whatever... Is this possible? Thanks

Edit: I guess I could just change the forum permissions on each usergroup, denying them the ability to post in those forums lmfao... *slaps forehead* LOL! I guess I just wanted to play with code hahaha... :P Nah, I just wanted to not have to change so many permissions, although it's probably the easiest route...

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