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  • There is a maximum of six columns in the Lite version.
  • I recommend you keep the permission for viewing the roster limited until you get the roster working. This is in case you have any database errors.
  • I am removing all spaces from the settings that state (comma separated list) to prevent database errors. The exception is the column titles, which will allow spaces. I still recommend removing spaces before or after a comma, but this should not cause a problem.
  • The second option under Columns (column fields) must be valid profile fields on your forum. If not, you will get a database error. RANK is a special field I have created that uses the title you set for your group under Rank Titles.
  • Column widths. This is so you can control the width for each of your columns. All your columns should add up to 100. IE: 20,20,20,15,10,15 would be a good setting if you had six columns.
  • Sorting. If you change the top option to No, you need to use a one (1) field you have in the column fields area. If you do not, it should default to username.
  • If you get a database error, you did something wrong. The error will most likely be related to your column fields setting.

Sarcoth's Roster Mod [Plus] - Examples
The following is a set of examples that have been created to show the various ways this mod can be used. To find the list of examples, please visit my website (@ and click on the RosterMod dropdown button in the forum menu. You can click on each example there. A description of each example follows.

Example #1 - Multiple Tables (default)
* Sorted by usergroups (multiple tables) and then sorted by your choice.

Example #2 - Collapsing Multiple Tables
* Sorted by usergroups (multiple tables) and then sorted by your choice.
* Each table can be collapsed for easy viewing.

Example #3 - Single Table w/2D Sorting
* Sorted by usergroups (single table) and then sorted by your choice.

Example #4 - Single Table w/1D Sorting
* Single sorting option: your choice.

Example #5 - Title and Group Banners
* Use a banner for your entire roster.
* Multiple tables (groups).
* Each group has it's own banner.
* Each roster member displays the usertitle via an image.

Example #6 - Single Table w/Advanced Sorting
* Single table w/2D sorting.
* Table is initially sorted with basic options, then advanced sorting via java scripting.
* Each column can be dynamically resorted by clicking on the column headers.
* You can sort multiple columns by holding down the shift key.

Example #7 - Advanced Sorting w/Column Colors
* Same as example #6.
* Each column that is currently selected for sorting with stand out with a new color.

Example #8 - Pagination
* Single table w/2D sorting.
* Pagination allows you to see only a selected number of rosters members at a time.
* Pagination allows you to set a default table size.
* Also have the info box turned on so you can see the current number of members displayed versus the total number.

Example #9 - Search Box
* Single table w/2D sorting; should work with all table types.
* Enables a search box so any user can type a string that updates the table to show only roster members with that string.

Example #10 - Mixed Advanced Features
* Combines all features from Examples 6-9.

Example #11 - Column Filtering
* Single table w/2D sorting; should work with all table types.
* Searching is enabled but the search box is hidden.
* Only the selected roster members are displayed for whatever column and string is set.
* In this example, only the roster members that contain "Enchanting" in the "Crafting" column are displayed.

Example #12 - Private Column Encryption
* Single table w/2D sorting; should work with all table types.
* Set a column and the usergroups that can see this column; all other usergroups can only see special characters.
* In this example, the "Character Name" column has been set to private.

Let me know if you would like to see any additional examples.

More Installs & Ratings
I'm willing to add an option from the [Plus] version to the [LITE] version if this mod gets 100 installs and ratings (any star value). You'll need to reply to this thread and select one option that you would most like to see imported over into the [LITE] version. I'll have the final say, but I'll try to select the one most requested; if it isn't too difficult.

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