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Most of this is common sense to those of us who been involved in SEO for a while.

There are a couple of things I would like to mention, Google ( or any search engine) will not recognise an image simply by calling it what it is, so even if you call it poloshirt.jpg, all google knows is that it is an image.

What images need is the "alt" tag, the alt tag is very important, it tells search engines what the image is an image of, it also helps disabled viewers form an image in their mind.

Every image you upload should have an "alt" tag.

Other things that are needed is a decent robots.txt, and a decent sitemap. Sitemaps are not 100% essential because Google will crawl all the pages it can find anyway.

There is no quick fix, it can take google weeks to crawl and index your site, so to speed up the process you need that robots.txt to stop it crawling unnecessary pages.

One last thing, the construction of a 404 redirect page is another essential, to search engines a 404 error is a dead end, a 404 page that includes a link back to a page gives the engine a way out.
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