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Well, guys, I have nothing else to say except that I'm really sorry for the wait.

The thing is, yes, it does need a huge amount of works to actually get the CKEditor 5 to be able to embed to vBulletin while allowing people to edit the codes as less as possible. There are tons of codes that needed to be edited directly from the files, which we think is really not good at all for general forum owners.

Good news is, we have found several helpful developers as partners to get this sorted in a much better way. Some are currently not using this board, while one is available here, BetoPho, which is a great vBulletin developer that is working together with us on this one.

We decided to discard CKEditor 5 and use another editor, which is Summernote, while less advanced and powerful compared to CKEditor, but is guaranteed to keep this project alive, bringing more features to the editor, following up with modern coding standards, and most important, keeping it free of charge.

I'm asking BetoPho to post some updates so perhaps we will see some of it shortly.
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