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Just as I was editing my User CP Shell template. Perfect timing. Thank you.

I attempted to install but I got this message:
A conflict was detected in the bitfields. You cannot continue with the installation of this product until this has been fixed. The conflicts found were:
  • Bitfield Collision: prefixrequired = credits_cantearn
Any advice?

EDIT: Fixed my issue.
Originally Posted by Darkwaltz4 of vB Credits
change the value in bitfield_vbulletin.xml from

<bitfield name="prefixrequired">131072</bitfield>


<bitfield name="prefixrequired">2097152</bitfield>

keep in mind this is a temporary fix which will need to be repeated in subsequent vbulletin upgrades. when vbulletin becomes stable i will address this issue permanantly in vbcredits itself.
Thanks again for this. /installs

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