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You guys should be careful with this bug.

This happens with topics which are created by this hack.

When an user chooses option "Instant email notification" in "Default Thread Subscription Mode", then the moderators move those topics (that user subscribed) to moderator areas or somewhere that user can't access, but emails were still sent out to nofify that user about all the replied messages.

Sometimes the administrators and moderators discuss about that user in those topic are created by this hack, he/she also knows everything even he/she can't access to the area where the topics has been moved in.

Please advise.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem? I would appreciate the help. My users can see any messages that are left since they are subscribe to the thread. It sends them e-mail with the updated message. It's kinda defeats the purpose to having the applications confidential and only for moderators to comment on.
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