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Originally Posted by RobbieZ View Post
Interesting , is it possible to have the thread starter have a full Postbit then everyone after have the simple Postbit?
Yes. I will make an option for the first post to be regular postbit or simple postbit.

Originally Posted by CoZmicShReddeR View Post
I would like to see it with the option to rotate the order of locations rather then to disable if that were possible?
You mean make a random post in each thread a "full" postbit? I don't understand why that would be useful. Maybe I don't understand what you are asking.

Originally Posted by Kraxell View Post
Your a fu**ing god of hacks BoP! Great idea and great hack!

is it possible to add thank-hack?

Tagged for future!
I can add back the postbit hook the thanks mod uses and add an on/off switch for it. Only thing is there would be no way to limit it only to the thanks hack- it would take any hack that uses that hook.

Originally Posted by sadiq6210 View Post
This is great idea Joe

I have a question
I am using vBadvanced Links Directory and really need to apply this mod in showlink pages.
Is there anyway to do that?

Hmmm... I'd have to look into that- it seems like it would be possible but the Links Directory is a premium (paid) add-on so I don't have it for 4.x. Can you tell me the name of the template the Links Directory uses for comments? If you could give me a link to your link directory and turn on Template Names in HTML comments in your general settings I should be able to see what I need to see.
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