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Originally Posted by bzcomputers View Post
I had a couple people using touchscreens (iPads, tablets, etc.) saying they had issues getting it to close. It will slide out on touch but there is no way to close it currently on a touchscreen unless you refresh the page. Was looking for a solution to this by either switching the whole thing to open and close on click, or at least an added option to also close on a click. Not sure how to implement it, but it would have to be something that would close the slidebox on any click on the page that is not a associated with a hyperlink.

Hey Thanks for notice
, if its a SLIDE problem, then Its all about this code here: <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

It seems that there is a conflict somewhere! Now about the Issues for IPAD or other 3rd Party Device, I dont know what kinda sulotion can be used to fix SLIDE problem from an IPAD since this is a CODE used for normal BROWSER and from a normal PC, But I will try give it a shot and see what could be wrong, thats all what I can do... I let you know!
I am having a little break from vB Developing. I am trying to finish my PHP and MYSQL courses for now. I will answer all my PM's if anyone needed help for my products, but only when I can be online on Its great to see new and old developers keeping alive! Thank you all for your support!CM

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