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Originally Posted by Kraxell View Post
Possible to add usergroups or more users? Maybe for moderation "Take a look at this user!"
It could be something we could add in... nice idea.

Originally Posted by Lustikus View Post
my members told me that this mod does not work with mobile defices, tapatalk and so on...
everything is visible?
It may well have issues with TapaTalk. I'll take a look at what we can do to stop it showing in some way. It's been tricky integrating the BBCode properly as it has some inherent limitations. A few ideas to try though. Will keep you posted. Thanks for highlighting the issues.

Originally Posted by sticky View Post
Can admins/mods still see the messages?
No, not at the moment.

Originally Posted by tbworld View Post
Yep, that is the problem with vb4. Different devices have different presentation code. It gets a bit difficult to write a mod for a modern web environment. Some interfaces use the API, some use the vb mobile code and then there is the regular desktop presentation view. It is why there is a need for a vb5. Same presentation code, but different views -- all through the same developers API.

I am just commenting on why it probably does not work on this wonderful free first version 1.0 of dbtechs code. I haven't used Tapatalk since we have our own mobile interface. How does it interface to vbulletins code?
Hear, hear! vB5 has a lot of potential. Been fun to start learning to code in it as well. Not quite sure personally how they all integrate... (TapaTalk and ForumRunner), but will see what we can do about it.

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