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If you read the first post, it lists all the things that are in the pro version that are not in the lite version. The copyright is also in the pro version too.

Complete Feature List (Pro)

Content-Aware SEO Titles
  • Ability to generate SEO titles from the content based on defined keywords
  • Keywords can have 3 different levels of priority; Low, Medium and High
  • Higher priority keywords get added first
  • Threads, CMS Entry and Blog Entry supported
  • Scans every word in the page text for the keywords
Custom Sitemap URLs
  • Allows for custom pages to be included in a sitemap
  • Import multiple URLs and set default Update Frequency, Priority Range and Last Updated
  • Add single new sitemap URL
  • Browse all URLs in the sitemap, with search parameters
  • Edit / Delete individual URLs
  • Set a path to a file that is automatically imported on sitemap generation
  • Default priority option
  • Default frequency option
  • Prune Custom Sitemap URL table
Log Controls
  • Ability to turn off Sitemap Hit tracking
  • Ability to turn off Spider Hit tracking
  • Saves database space for large forums
Sitemap Hit Log
  • Tracks all spiders accessing your Sitemaps
  • Stores time, spider identification, full user agent, ip address and sitemap file accessed
  • Browseable log with date range options
  • Automatic prune after X days (default: 90)
Spider Hit Log
  • Tracks all spiders accessing your forum
  • Stores a daily log of what scripts the spiders accessed, and how many times they accessed that script
  • Browseable log with date range options
  • Automatic prune after X days (default: 90)
General Settings
  • Custom Rewrite Rules
  • Custom Redirects
URL Rewrite Rules
  • Customise any of the Forum URLs, vB CMS URLs (vB4-Only), Blog URLs, Social Group URLs, Member Profile URLs
  • Custom CMS Domain
  • Custom Blog Domain
vBSEO Importer
  • Transfers equivalent settings from vBSEO
  • Ensures smooth transition from vBSEO
  • Safety precautions to ensure settings are only overwritten if you explicitly tick Yes
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