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Originally Posted by BrandiDup
I really love this! I have a few extra features on my site that I have to have links to, so having this second bar is very awesome!

My only problem is that for some reason, when I try to add in the second nav bar and hit the "Save" button to save the nav bar template, it just keeps acting like it's trying to load but doesn't. It won't save or load at all, for some reason. Everything else is working perfectly fine, so I know it's not my site.

I don't know why it's not saving :ermm:
yea i had that problem my self mind you it was 3:00am when i was adding the script i came to find out that i was adding it in the spot that should be and corrected myself and fixed the problem probably you're having the same problem as well read the tutorial carefully ... :ermm:
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