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Small style problem!

I'm getting this problem with a skin for 4.0.1 called BlueTeck My site is Everything is flawless except ONE thing. It's to do with the newbtn_middle.png image above certain things. See these images:

the image doesn't appear at all above things on Blueteck, it's not just the "whats new page" it's the login page, the post editor and any part of the site that uses it at the top of things. It's not just my forums that are having this issue with this theme, I did a google search and found several forums using the same style and they are all having the same problem, it seems i'm the first to notice it. It's really annoying me.

It does however show on the default style as shown below:

Both styles are essentially the same style, same images, same layout just different colours. I don't see why Bluteck is not showing this image and the default one is.

Would you guys happen to know of a quick fix for this? If so i'd greatly appreciate it!


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