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Unable to edit VM's after being reported

Ok, so this is a weird one..

Basically I can edit peoples VM's fine, however once that certain VM has been reported, the edit button doesn't do anything, and when I copy the link URL to edit the specific message, it comes up with "No User specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator"

Also, when a user clicks report on a VM, it displays the message "A required field called contentid is missing or has an invalid value." however the reported post seems to work fine, as a thread is created with the reported VM in it, as it should.

Also not sure if this would be linked, but within the automatically created thread of the reported VM, the 2nd link to the users profile sends me to a database error, the URL link is

Anyone got any ideas?
I've tried disabling hooks, and ajax features..
The forum has cloudflare as located here:
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