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Originally Posted by iA1 View Post
If it is related to cloudflare, I don't recommend adding that second page rule mentioned on the linked thread that says:

When I added this rule for my forum, the threads were not getting updated instantly and members were complaining, saying they were only able to see posts from 1 day ago and earlier. That was because cloudflare was serving them cached threads.

Maybe it is causing similar issues on your forum. Make sure whether you are able to edit older VMs.
I don't seem to be having trouble with threads not being updated instantly. The only problem I'm having is being unable to edit VM's once they've been reported... I can edit them fine prior to them being reported, and I can delete them both before and after, but I just can't edit them once they've been reported, which is concerning, plus my moderators are unable to take action against any reported VM's as they can only edit, not delete.
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