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This works perfect! Thank you! Installed and Tagged.

You can see it working on my site:

Edit: You can also change the theme of the Progress Bar using CSS. Check out the themes here:

I haven't tried to change the theme yet, but I think you just copy the css and replace it in your additional css. But like I said, im not sure since I haven't tried it yet.

Edit 2: I have just tried to change the theme, and it does work. I changed my progress bar to the Barber Theme.

Here is the CSS:

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Change the code in RED to match the color of your Style and to your liking.

You can go to my site for a preview of the Barber Progress Bar Theme, I changed the color and the Height of my progress bar, to best match my custom style.

All credit goes to the OP Dave, Thank you for this simple, yet very good mod!!

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