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Originally Posted by z3r0 View Post
No forums with passwords and I've just checked all plugins for getdaily & getnew but didn't turn anything up.

The error only seems to happen a couple of times a day but when it does I get 15-25 errors in less than a second, I'd checked crons but nothing matches the times and I've clicked just about everywhere I can on the site that triggers a search, but nothing has started it.

The error really isn't a problem, I just like having clean log files so I'll keep plugging away at finding the cause.
Your PHP error log should tell you the script causing the error if you have the errors set to verbose output.

If you open the file in a text editor what is the content of line 2523 per the error you originally posted?

C:\root\Forums\mysite\search.php on line 2523
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