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No offense, but this just wastes server space. All it does is remove those proxies that have the url frames at the top of the page. It will still load other proxies fine, in which not all of them use frames and since many of the account stealers no longer use frames this script is just stopping some of the good proxies.

For example at the top of the html code there was this JavaScript:
<script language="JavaScript">
var sThisURL = window.location.href;
function doFramesBuster()
if ( top.location != self.location )
top.location.replace( sThisURL );
Which tells the web-browser "If you're in a frame break out and load the page normally". This is a small security measure by EBay to break out of any IFrame where a person can read an unsuspecting persons inputs into the UserID, and Password input boxes, but it didn't break out of our PHP Script.
As you can see ebay breaks out of iframes and not php. The best solution is to stop proxy servers all together. Plus it will stop those pesky members you ban their IP and they come back on those proxy servers. Here is a nice mod that will prevent web proxies:
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