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Originally Posted by Danny.VBT View Post
Wow, I love the poster.

I am excited to see Ledger's performance as the Joker - From the trailer, I couldn't even recognize the Joker as being Ledger and I am very impressed by the acting portrayed in the short bit. His accentuation on some of the dialogue gave me the shivers.

The "Why so serious" tag line, I hope is not overused throughout the film.
I thought that poster was freakin' awesome, so I had to include it!!

Yeah, my husband said the same thing about Heath Ledger. I never expected to see him in a role like this in a million years!

Hey, Danny, I was having a blonde moment when I posted this...afterward remembering you had already made a movie thread...I was gonna ask you to merge this with that one. I feel like a total fool.
Originally Posted by whitemike View Post
I read the title and though of monty python lol.
You'll hafta explain that to me...I don't get into Monty Python.
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