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Originally Posted by Max Taxable View Post
It doesn't make a hill of dogshit what the "rest of the story" is, the "screen shot" posted is a fraud, there is NO way it could have happened as pictured. You're employing "yeahbut" type arguments, which are a fail from the jump.

Max, you're absolutely right. And I can see how it fails here as it's been presented.
So, stripping it down to the real issue because I know there has been a misunderstanding:

Originally Posted by blastme View Post
A member did a page source view of a post on my site and took a screenshot of it. Its the one I have attached.
Originally Posted by ForceHSS View Post
I would ban the user or at least give him a warning after all he is a member you are the owner
Originally Posted by ozzy47 View Post
He is lying, tell him to move on.
Originally Posted by Max Taxable View Post
Dude might be just making it up in a attempt to discredit you.
Originally Posted by ozzy47 View Post
It's entirely possible, that's why I want to have a look around.
Originally Posted by Digital Jedi View Post
I like how his story keeps evolving.
Originally Posted by Max Taxable View Post
Yep liar nutters change their story - they move the goalposts - when caught in their lie.

PLEASE NOTE: The creator of that screen shot, never posted it on blastme's site. It was posted in a thread on my site. One of blastme's members got hold of it and sent it to him in a Private Message. He chose to make an issue of it at his site.

In other words, there is no one to ask to move on. No one to ban. No one went to his site to attack him. The person who created the graphic, is NOT a member of his site.

Does this clear it up or does "hearsay" (because it's from another site) still carry all the weight here?