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Hi all friends,

I was working on theme which have custom navbar, and some new features with css and jquery, and i also working on breadcrumbs but i couldn't understand how to use it on VBulletin,

let me explain what actually i am using in bread crumbs

this is css project with slider navigation but the main thing and thats very nice is that when we browse forum like

Forum>Main Category>Main Section>SubSection>Thread...

When we will be here and we scroll mouse on Main Section it will show a css/jquery smooth slider that will show all SubSections of Main Section so that we can directly go to any other section with out browsing whole forum even we dont have need to go Forum Home we can easily move to any section.
it will be somethine like a feature of VBulletin named " Quick Navigation "

Is there any Coder who can help me out for this feature, the css is 100% ready just need to integrate it in VB

Thanks in Advance
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