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Originally Posted by Zachery View Post

Long story short if your site has been hacked please open a new thread and ask for assistance, sometimes threads such as this become quite long and confusing for some to follow and then other times we see heated debates such as the above which tend to become tiresome to those simply reading the thread to resolve an issue.

Thread closed, if you need assistance please open a new thread with:
  • Title "Site hacked please assist"
  • Site URL. *Those reading this please note to not visit the site unless you're experienced in dealing with matters such as these as your pc can possibly become infected.
  • Description of what's going on.

Our community here is very active and helpful, we'll do the best we can to assist!
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Information - Include screenshots, copy/pasted error codes, url etc.
Fixed - Please return to your thread/post and let us know how it was fixed!
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