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Originally Posted by QBart2011 View Post
I guess you can also throw members into the "Moderated" user group as well between certain hours from the look of the Mod..

Hence until a Moderator / Admin has had a chance to review their posts they don't get the privileged to show up.
I can confirm that does indeed (at least mostly) work- Another unintended feature!

Create a usergroup called "Moderated Users" based off "Registered Users" - change all "Moderation" options to NO (there are a bunch, forum, photos, visitor messages, etc...) and save the Moderated Users group.

Then in this mod choose the "Ban Group" in settings to be "Moderated Users" - rather than being banned between certain hours the users will simply be moderated.

I will have to do some more extensive testing to be sure... Curious how it would affect Tapatalk/ForumRunner and Error Messages (which are set to say Banned by the mod) but probably could work out any kinks in a future version.
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