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Originally Posted by Videx View Post
Dumbest idea I've seen in a while. The whole point of the box being unchecked by default is security. By checking it by default, you're forcing users on public computers to remember to uncheck it, and if your users are too dumb to check it, then they're certainly too dumb to uncheck it.

My members aren't the brightest bulbs in the box, but on the rare occasions I have to tell them to check it, they do. If they're really too stupid to check it, then I really don't want them as members.
Good Grief,

Someone has a chip one their shoulder, don't they?!

Here is a quote from my OP...

Only recommended for private Computers!

** Worth mentioning that if your members do use a public computer (a shared pc; such as in a Internet Cafe or Library etc). They should remember to untick the box; Manually, Also clear the cookies.

Use or Don't use - it's there for you to choose.

I think the world of ALL of my members and without them, my forum won't be the huge success it is Today.

I respect my ALL my members and YOU will do well to do the same to yours.

If you don't like it - DON'T install it! No-one is forcing you too!!
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