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Originally Posted by 6FRGaming View Post
Ugh. This seemed to be EXACTLY what I needed, but having to update everything manually seems like such a pain in the butt.

Would be awesome if it synched with PayPal and automatically updated everything.

Anyone know of a script like that?
This script is simply the sharing of a private addon that has been a convenience to me with my own community for the past 18 or so months. Although we use a donations addon there is no record displayed showing the PayPal fees deducted from donations nor the accounts details which we were raising money to pay for on a monthly basis, but rather just a target and a date to raise that amount by. I don't know of any donations addon that incorporates the information that I wanted to have displayed. I'm not even sure that the Paypal fees deductions amounts can be automatically accessed from PayPal.
Of course it's possible to automatically include the total donations amounts and donator usernames from another donations addon in the Monthly Accounts Display however there are many such donations addons which is where things become too complicated, for me anyway. I can't cater for every such donations addon, especially those that haven't been made yet, but will be.
Your idea is a good one though. The best that can probably be hoped for is for one of the current donations addon authors to incorporate a display, showing similar information to what I have provided with VC_Accounts, with their own addon. I would certainly use it myself.
Originally Posted by onehost View Post
Would be nice if this would carry a clickable balance sheet so that you can click
on any given month/day/year to see what is going on...I like the part that
he says do a reset...since when does a business just reset their balance sheet?
if you have a credit/debt, then it should roll over to the next month regardless...
it shouldnt be wiped out just because you are on a new month...
1. This addon was not designed for business usage and it hasn't been promoted as such.
2. The credit or debit total balance is rolled over to the next month albeit manually. The first row clearly reads "Balance from last month" and is hyperlinked to last months record (That's why it is underlined. Check the very first image provided by me.). Of course you can change that, or any other row, to whatever you want.
What I have provided is an exact copy of what I use for my own gaming community. It works for the purpose for which it was made.

If you want a clickable balance sheet that provides a history of your accounts then you do have options:
1. Do what I did. Make what you want yourself. There are some excellent tutorials in the Articles forum.
2. Pay a coder to make it for you. I've listed this addon with "Re-usable Code".

This is my first ever attempt at coding an addon and I don't have the necessary skills to make what you suggest. Thanks for the friendly words of encouragement anyway.

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