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Originally Posted by Spika View Post
I Have tested this version and after I purchased the pro version in your page, and I can see that this version is the 0.3.0 and here you have the 0.3.2.

And in your website you write that the version is 3.0 ??

The code of the navbar template in the pro version does not work, nothing appears, I had to put the old code of this mod

I can issue a refund if you would like. I am still yet to figure out why I do not receive vBulletin emails for mods I have developed. I get all other emails from If you would like shoot me a PM and I can troubleshoot the problem or issue a refund.

Originally Posted by mtauriza View Post
Hi, I'm already using this alert but the message continues appearing after the adblock has been desactivated. Why?

Do you have vBoptimize installed? If so please flush your cache.
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