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Originally Posted by MyIS_Jordan
Eh? What forced take over? Do tell!
This is just posted as 'speculation' (as we wouldn't want to cross any legal boundaries), but I guess the big fish (photopost) thought they would take the little fish (vbadvanced gallery) to court, possibly over something that would be hard to prove - like copying/stealing tiny bits of code (in other words a costly, prohibitive, hard to disprove court case for a small fish).

Thing is both the 'hacks' code/files were availible for everyone to see, so if there was any real code-theft going on, it would have been raised at sites like this one ages ago... (but of course that never happened, think the reason why is obvious - it was unlikely that a real rip-off took place).

Anyway, I'm peeved that there is no mention of it on their homepage under the 'products' section, it's one thing it was 'taken' from its rightfull owner but another it being killed off completely! :ermm: