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Originally Posted by e-brooker
Yes I went to both threads - and thats what they are, threads. There's no mention of vbaGallery (or whatever it is called now) on the main site anywhere - thats what is annoying!!!
So maybe the better thing to do would be leave feedback on where it would have the most meaning instead of here where it doesn't do much good except for getting people riled up for no reason.
Originally Posted by e-brooker
It's as if they want to kill it off!
Hardly! Immediately after the transition additional support people were brought in and the existing PP guys are jumping in with support as well. vBGallery is most definitely an important product for them.
Originally Posted by e-brooker
It might be old news for you, but it's not for many others.
It should be old news for everybody by now. Besides the announcement on vBa, the announcement on PhotoPost, and the countless upon countless threads on the various vB community sites there were also emailings to all registered owners with their account information so that they can download the product from the new site.
Originally Posted by e-brooker
Did I read you are now working for photopost?
Since you already read it then you already know the answer to that question. :ermm: But, yes, I am currently part of the PhotoPost team along with several other sites including vBa yet. My joining the PhotoPost team though occurred after the transition was made which means I was like any other customer when the events took place.

Originally Posted by Reeve of shinra
Its a little disappointing to NOT see vbgallery as a featured product on thier home page especially since alot of staff are pushing new user inquiries towards photopost pro... I understand its a bigger money maker for them but it leaves me wondering if we will ever see continued development of the vbgallery product.
I would like to see vBG on the front page as well but all I can say is that the guys are working on it. As far as pushing which product, I think there is still a bit of the old 'PhotoPost PHP Pro versus vBa Gallery' crowd going on but as some of the more recent threads should show even the most stalwarts of each side are coming to understand that the both products have their place.

Originally Posted by Reeve of shinra
Photopost support though seems to be better than expected... I had one of thier support staff who shall remain namless for the moment actually IM regarding a problem I was having with a mod. Thumbs up on that.
With everybody quick to proclaims their negatives is nice to see somebody mention their positives as well.
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