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Question add default alt name to IMG tag?

i'm running vBulletin 3.7.4.

Is there a way to add a default alternativ name (alt) to every image that users
try to (externally) embedd in their forum posts?

The problem is if images don't load for some reason, the forum posts appear empty.

It would be less confusing if there was some default alt name attached to each image
like "[image]" or so that would appear if the image doesn't load.


And a related second problem:

On my (music) forum people often try to embedd images hosted by
But that website blocks their images from being externally embedded.
Which is extra confusing for people because for them the embedding seems to work
(because of their browsers cache) but nonone else (trying to view the image first
in the forum post) will see it.

This causes a lot of confusion and i'm getting tired of explaining this again
and again to users.

Is there a way to display some alt text or a different default image (with some explaining text)
whenever anyone tries to embedd an image from that specific website?

a typical img url from looks like this:
It only loads when viewed directly on their website:

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