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You can download the latest version, v1.1.0 and update the product, it will fix the issue.

Originally Posted by Gadget_Guy View Post
Question: What I am not understanding is how your implementation is intended to work. it doesn't add itself as a human verification for registration?
The main concept of this product is to prevent brute force password attack and any kind of non-human automatically trying to login via the HTML form.

Currently, vBulletin's Human Verification system only supports these type of actions: Register, Post, Search, Contact Us, and Recover Lost Password. So there won't be a way to hook Login action using vBulletin hook system.

For your question, here is the full process of how this product works:
  1. User logging in;
  2. The product captures reCaptcha check value from the login form and send to Google server;
  3. Google checks and return the 'score' value to the product;
  4. If the score is less than the defined 'human' score, we assume this is either not human or an unsafe traffic;
  5. Do the provided actions (eg. redirect them to another URL).

So when the user is treated like a bot, even if the username/password combination is correct, their login will be rejected and being sent to another URL (if you choose that), making the board a little bit safer.
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