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How to have navbar / breadcrumb above header items?

Hi, I've never done this type of thing before so just a bit confused on how to go about doing it, it's probably very simple but want to be sure

Anyway, I've done a design and I'm developing it into a vbulletin theme / skin, basically I've designed the navbar / breadcrumb above some of the things that would usually go in the header of the site (like userbox, banner images etc) I'm just wondering how I would go about doing it because if I put them in the header, it'll be above the navbar / breadcrumb but as you can see, I would like it to be above.

Here is what I mean:

So the things that I would usually put in the header, such as the userbox as shown. But I want the navbar / breadcrumb to be above that part but below some parts of the header if that makes sense (sorry if that doesn't make sense, I've not been sleep in like 26 hours so my brain is starting to drift off course!)

If someone could lend a hand, would be highly appreciated!
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