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Originally Posted by mehedimw View Post
hosting company told me max 15 user set no more can set now what to do?
You might need to look at your own hosting, in that case, or another hosting company.

If you go down the route of hosting your own website, I'd recommend Digital Ocean, you can get cheap, reliable servers which you have full control over pretty cheap, and they rarely have outages. Their support is also really good. You'll likely need a basic level of knowledge of server administration if you want to go down this route.

If you decide to go with another hosting company, there are thousands of potential factors to consider. Whomever you go with, it would be best to ask some pre-sales questions such as what version of PHP they use, what extensions they have installed, whether or not they have an administration panel like cPanel, and most importantly for you, what max_user_connections is set for MySQL. As long as you can ensure your version of vBulletin will run within their environment.
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