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Originally Posted by Alan_SP View Post
Andreas has really great mods, thanks for adding this thread.

Maybe if you add simple description in first post, I see it on image, but anyway would like to have it explained with text also.

Anyway, great addition.
I have done some text to clarify the feature, but in developer way

Originally Posted by IggyP View Post
tested and verified working....i like it to enrich bbcodes i already made and to combine some thing i am not sure is good tho here....

it gives one option prompt, then the second option needs to be manually edited in? i didnt see a second prompt

it is fine for me, but you know these instagramming generation im not so sure about hmm
The logic of this plugin is just simple. What you want requires much more work. It's really worth to dig in if it was 8 years ago. vB has ended their support for forum add-on. vB4 is EOL also.
Need something at bottom of the post.
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