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Originally Posted by juanchi
Yes, you need to use ssh and log into mysql and at the mysql> prompt type: show processlist; .

In the last days I being tryng to figure out a solution, maybe it is my imagination since I did this yesterday and weekends at my server are not very busy, but since I enter the score tools section of the Arcade Control panel and run all the updates there my server have being kind of stable running the arcade without high loads, but as I told you, I did this yesterday and I don't know for sure if this is the fix.
Thanks. You don't know how much your thread helped me out. You saved me a lot of time, money, and grief. My server was going haywire. MySQL was crashing my server every 45 minutes and I had no idea it was the arcade because the previous arcade never had a single problem.

Ever since closing the arcade everything is fine but now I have a few hundred daily arcade users emailing me asking when the arcade is coming back. :cry:

It's too risky right now to open it back up.