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Originally Posted by Reeve of shinra View Post
Lynne is awesome!

Carrie / Morgan / Calorie:

I am also concerned about her representation here when she effectively left so many people stranded on the legacy vbgeek products.

MicroHellas also raises some interesting points about the level of support seen here.
Originally Posted by MicroHellas View Post
Its simple as 1-2-3.
  1. Find a "Lynne" living in Europe
  2. Ask Administrators to decide in which camp they belong. vBulletin or xenForo. To have a big community working well, must exist trust between Admins and Members. What type of trust to give to someone who is Admin here, and on the same time is posting a module at xenForo on how to transfer posts from vB to xenForo?
  3. Restrict Admins to have commercial mods.

4. Make it so mod authors/creators can yes discontinue or remove thier mod however instead of the Graveyard (use that for people who blatantly released someone else's mod or situations like that i.e. style ripp offs etc) create a new area to move the mod's thread for discussion and support by other members yet the .zip is removed OR only available if you have downloaded it in the past that could be an idea as well. I don't know how many times a friend or a client has come to me asking about a mod they have installed by MicroHellas above and it was yanked per her night and day temperaments or health issues so to deprive them of a place to post and possibly be helped by others (like me or someone else who can help with the mod) is not fair and in a sense makes no sense, follow?

This allows us to respect the author's wishes in cases like MicroHellas above by removing yet leaving a place for members who have installed and use to possibly receive support, much more fitting then everything to the graveyard imo.

I do highly agree with her statement about vB / Xf but that's a touchy subject for me as they were and are friends, they should not be "told" they can't do this or that but at the same time there's so many circumstances we are not aware of in regards to all of this so that there must be left up to IB Adrian or others I reckon as that's all I have to say can't argue when your not 100% up to par on something now can we? .
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