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Originally Posted by Bellardia View Post
I'll recode part after the long weekend to make it full width for those who prefer it that way. It won't be that easy to change with just the main style template, but is pretty easy to do nonetheless. It'll definately be the first thing on my todo list.

Thanks for the positive input.


I really love how you did this... facebook's style is very clean and tight (as in put together nice) one of its biggest attributes imho. but even more than facebook aspect is just how much you show how different forums can look with right application.

other questions/sugg:
- is there a way to cleanly add "blocks" to the left sidebar? I'd love to put other ads or things specific to our content. and a "highlighted profile" would be INCREDIBLE
- again, like Ultimate Side Bar add-on... option to see sidebar only on forumhome (or whereever) would be very high on the amazingness scale.
- fluid is much needed, but even more so, just ability to set a wider width. our analytics show most our users at 1024x768 and higher (other site is even higher average--different country )
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