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i got this notice before from facebook,what that means?

To the development team,

We've been reviewing our logs, and see that you're still using some of the Feed APIs that are being deprecated. In order to provide you with ample time to complete this transition, we are delaying the deprecation date to January 5, 2010 at 10AM PST.

We want to remind you that starting on that day, the only way to publish Feed stories into the stream will be via the stream publishing methods (stream.publish, FB.Connect.streamPublish, and Facebook.streamPublish). Posts published using the stream publishing methods contain only structured plain text data, which makes them easier to render on a variety of devices, including mobile phones and gaming consoles.

This means that we will discontinue support for the following:

* Template bundles. You should start using stream attachments with the stream publishing methods instead.
* feed.publishUserAction
* feed.publishTemplatizedAction
* Facebook.showFeedDialog and FB.Connect.showFeedDialog
* The FBFeedDialog class on Facebook Connect for iPhone. Please use FBStreamDialog instead.
* Publisher stories that use templates (please transition them to use stream attachments).
* Feed forms that reference the feedStory form and the multiFeedStory form.
* One-line stream stories.

We will still publish stories that call users.setStatus and status.set, but encourage all developers to migrate to the stream publishing methods, as they let you set a user's status easily.
We originally announced these changes on our Developer blog on October 23rd, 2009, and included another reminder on December 2nd, 2009. Stay up to date on our upcoming changes by referring to our Developer Roadmap. You can also subscribe to our blog posts via email, where we announce major upcoming changes.

Thank you,
The Facebook Developer Network
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