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dice roller

there is someone that can make a dice roller mod
using a bbcode [dice=z]xdy[/dice]
where x il the amount of dice rolled and y il thenumbers of dice faces
example 4d12 rolls 4 dices with 12 faces

and where is z you can put
sum = makes the summ of all dice rolled
all = display all the numbers rolled
[dice=sum]3d6[/dice] (rolled 3,4,1)
it display
rolled 3d6 sum 8
[dice=all]3d6[/dice] (rolled 3,4,1)
rolled 3d6 3,4,1

all the rolls are editable only by admin and displayed if edited
[dice=all]3d6[/dice] (rolled 3,4,1)
rolled 3d6 3,4,3 *edited by admin*
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