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Originally Posted by loua_oz View Post
I wonder if VB staff get fired for telling customers they are silly. In my company he would be history and marched out with security escort that minute.

Amateurs, should not comment, have to set some place where official comment is given.
Paul is hardly an amateur and everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

Originally Posted by loua_oz View Post
vB staff, provide some sweep that would tell your paying customers what is wrong with their sites.
Your product, easily hacked, even for fun, may have deprived some of your customers of their bread.

As it is now, you (vB) are out of business and possibly out of your jobs.
I understand you're upset however this is, we are simply here to assist with the modifications listed on this site not to bash on the product/company itself.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this type of stuff happens on occasion with virtually all online software at some point in it's lifetime if not multiple times and yes that includes php/apache that runs on your server and allows vBulletin, wordpress, and countless other software to run, vulnerabilities/exploits can exist on more than one level. When you're hacked it's very unfortunate and often times more than simply upsetting if data is lost however the best thing to do in a situation like that is to focus, fix your site first then worry about posting opinions - we are all entitled to them but be sure you take care of business first i.e. your site and also direct your anger accordingly .
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