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Not sure what response you are expecting, especially as this is posted in the lounge. If you are looking for a reaction from staff, you should have posted it in the Site Feedback forum.

We have no intentions to market the Paid Requests forum anymore then it is now, nor do we plan to make money out of such a forum.

PS I just had a look at the only recent paid request you have made ( Some remarks on that:
- Title: New Skin design and code required
First of all there are not many that offer both designs and coding (and are good at both). By asking for both design and coding in the title, chance is big that 90% of the members will skip the thread.

Also reading the title (and worse: reading the thread) give me no clue at all what you need and expect.

- The thread content itself.
Again no information whatsoever what your request is about.
Without knowing your request, you ask a potential coder/designer to go thru the effort of sending in port-folios etc. Why would someone do that knowing that he/she might not even be interested in the work once you tell what it is.

Bottomline is that you can do a lot to get more responses by putting a bit more time in writing your request.
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