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Originally Posted by KTBleeding View Post
I don't really think the header is anything special, really.. but the site itself and programming behind it is all really impressive. I don't think I've ever seen vBulletin used as a cms and actually make sense while doing it.

One thing I noticed is that your enlarged male/female and online icons are very distorted.
Thank you for your opinions of the website. The header design (specifically, the drop-down menu) that you see today was a recent addition that I felt was necessary in order to help make the site much easier to navigate through. It has room for a lot of expansion for future content ideas too.

When you visit our website I hope that you can find what you want fairly easy. Of course, there is always room for improvement but the main purpose of the header design was for easy navigation this time.

Do you think the header needs better navigation, improved design, or something else? I am always open for other suggestions since I can't share the views of everyone.
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