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Originally Posted by ShadowX View Post
hello all happy new year.
my long question is i am trying to get chat rooms for my forums and i am worried about the memory and other things being eaten up by the chats.
Obviously chat rooms or chat scripts that running some websites are very weight for loading and it requires more memory to run. To handle these you need to go with at least a VPS that optimized.

Originally Posted by ShadowX View Post
i run my forums on ifastnet(soon to move there depending on what server i need) and i am looking to get avchats. if you need links let me know.

also i wanna know what server(s) would be best for hosting it if i have large amounts of users using my chats and wont hurt forums.
thanks for reading my thread and problem i hope its not a big problem.
I would recommend some providers in this forum

a VPS is enough for your website and your chat program, but if you have high traffic, you can go with a dedicated server.
There are some good ones in this forum
You can check carefully to make sure that you will choose the best one for your sites/requirements.

Hopw that helps!
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