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I changed the DB table ID but her you go. And thanks for looking at it.

Invalid SQL:
SELECT node.nodeid AS itemid,
(node.nodeleft = 1) AS isroot, node.nodeid, node.contenttypeid, node.contentid, node.url, node.parentnode, node.styleid, node.userid,
node.layoutid, node.publishdate, node.setpublish, node.issection, parent.permissionsfrom as parentpermissions,
node.permissionsfrom, node.publicpreview, node.showtitle, node.showuser, node.showpreviewonly, node.showall,
node.showupdated, node.showviewcount, node.showpublishdate, node.settingsforboth, node.includechildren, node.editshowchildren,
node.shownav, node.hidden, node.nosearch, node.nodeleft,
info.description, info.title, info.html_title, info.viewcount, info.creationdate, info.workflowdate,
info.workflowstatus, info.workflowcheckedout, info.workflowlevelid, info.associatedthreadid,
user.username, sectionorder.displayorder, thread.replycount, parentinfo.title AS parenttitle

FROM A2Ctest_cms_node AS node
INNER JOIN A2Ctest_cms_nodeinfo AS info ON info.nodeid = node.nodeid

LEFT JOIN A2Ctest_user AS user ON user.userid = node.userid
LEFT JOIN A2Ctest_thread AS thread ON thread.threadid = info.associatedthreadid
LEFT JOIN A2Ctest_cms_sectionorder AS sectionorder ON sectionorder.sectionid = 1
AND sectionorder.nodeid = node.nodeid
LEFT JOIN A2Ctest_cms_node AS parent ON parent.nodeid = node.parentnode
LEFT JOIN A2Ctest_cms_nodeinfo AS parentinfo ON parentinfo.nodeid = parent.nodeid
INNER JOIN A2Ctest_cms_node AS rootnode
ON rootnode.nodeid = 1 AND (node.nodeleft >= rootnode.nodeleft AND node.nodeleft <= rootnode.noderight) AND node.nodeleft != rootnode.nodeleft AND node.contenttypeid <> 23 AND != 1 AND ( (( (node.permissionsfrom IN (-1)) OR ( node.permissionsfrom in (1,2,5,11,45,117,118,119,120,121,122,123,124,125,126,127,128,129,130,131,132,133 ,134,135,136,148,149,164,165,205,242,243,273,336,337,338,375,377) AND (node.parentnode IN (1,133,134,136,375,242,205,45,117,336,337,338,377) OR node.nodeid = 1) AND
node.setpublish > 0 AND node.publishdate < 1534174163 ))) OR (node.setpublish AND node.publishdate <1534174163 AND node.publicpreview > 0))AND node.hidden = 0 AND ((node.setpublish = '1' AND node.publishdate <= 1534174163 ) OR node.userid = 0)

ORDER BY node.publishdate DESC LIMIT -16, 80;
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