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Lightbulb ibProArcade v2.7.6+ (released 11th November 2018)

Dear ibProArcade-Fans,

this is another Update on the professional Arcade-System for vBulletin

I strongly recommend EVERYBODY to upgrade to this latest version v2.7.6+

Support is only provided if you use this latest release !

Get your copy of the new ibProArcade v2.7.6+ here

YES, ibProArcade has reached the modern standards and is now compatible to PHP 7

* automatic detection for mysql/mysqli (take setting from vB /config.php)
* if you experience connection problems, set $CONNECTFIX to 1 (in /arcade.php)
(seems to be general problem with MariaDB ?)
* automatic Arcade-Tab in vB4 NavBar (working with vB 4.2 and later)
* username markup everywhere in ibProArcade (Usergroup-setting in vBulletin)
* improved check for updates in AdminCP>Arcade
* several small improvements to make the world a little better

Bugs fixed:
* AdminCP Mass-Installer working again
* page-selector was gone if enables categories and just one category

If you are new to ibProArcade and do a fresh Installation, just read the included Instructions. Make sure to read the ones that correspond to your vBulletin-Version!

For those who upgrade their ibProArcade v2.5.x/v2.6.x/v2.7.x do the following:
  • upload and overwrite all (!) PHP-Files from Archive's /upload-Folder
  • if you are using vBulletin 3.5.x/3.6.x/3.7.x/3.8.x/4.x.x update the Product "ibProArcade":
    • Enter AdminCP
    • Open Menu-Group "PlugIn-System"
    • Click "Manage Products"
    • Click "Add/Import Products"
    • Enter the Path to the Product-XML-File: ./includes/xml/product-ibproarcade.xml
    • Set "Overwrite Product" to YES (very important, this does the Update!)
    • Click IMPORT
    • Confirm the Import of that Product
  • if you are using vBulletin 3.0.x use the Installer:
    • upload /installer.php to your forum's root
    • run installer.php
    • delete installer.php from your forum's root
  • you're done
Make sure you upload and overwrite ALL files from the UPLOAD-folder in the ZIP-archive!

If you are upgrading from vBulletin 3.x to 4.x make sure to read the included HTML-Installation-Instructions and do the template-changes for vBulletin 4.x !

Please report any Bugs, Faults, Errors, Suggestions, Ideas, Feature-Requests ect. in the Support-Forum in the "Premium Modification"-Section here at

To express your support for this product, I am happy about any small donation which you can easily send via your AdminCP -> Arcade -> Information

THANKS ALOT to stangger5 for his continued support and help here in the forums and on this product, thx mate!
Also a big THANK YOU to everybody else supporting, helping, testing and suggesting in this project

Please remember to click INSTALL, thanks!

Stay tuned & enjoy

aka MrZeropage
Get the most installed modification for your vBulletin (more than 8400 installations and 148.000 downloads!):
ibProArcade 2.7.6+ download here | Click here to enter the ibProArcade-Support-Section
Don't miss the new Google Analytics Integration (GDPR/DSGVO) for vB4.x
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