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PM System Not Working Well


We ( are having issues with users not being able to use several functions of the PM system. We havenít been able to find the cause of the problems, even after a bunch of research:

We are running vBulletin 5.6.4p1. Some of the user complaints are:

I get notifications, but am unable to find the message in my inbox.
Pretty sure this was reported before, but looks like PMs from newer users under the moderation limit for posts come out blank. I see the first line or so in the email notification, but not the whole message. When checking in the forum, the message has no content.
The PM system is eating messages. Someone sent me a PM that I can partially see in my email, but there's nothing in the text box when looking at the PM on the forum, it's blank.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

- Alex
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