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Thanks but the mod comes with various problems on 5.6.4.

The icon images are not named correctly. It should be labelled as "WhatsApp". I will not list all the spelling mistakes as I'm sure you can figure out.

Bebo seems to get mixed up with TikTok. Hover over TikTok and you will see what I mean.

The icons don't display. I have cleaned the system cache and Google Chrome cache but still have the same problem.

Well done on the idea as it seems great. Great to see you attempted to include as many social media platforms as possible but I'm not sure why some social networks are there i.e. Bebo. Bebo no longer exists, right?

It would also be nice to have the search bar on the left of "login/sign up".

And then the social media icons to the left of the social bar.

Extra options, please?

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