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Originally Posted by Alan_SP View Post
For some reason I don't see notice about number of images.

I checked both options, for days and for posts of user, used big numbers (so it certainly should trigger mod) and nothing. Of course, I checked post that has pictures.
I just released a bug-fix, please check if the new version helps.

If not- Are you sure the images are remote hosted? That is if you look at the source of the post in the editor in source mode the code looks like:

That is a remote-hosted image.

By default VB4 actually makes remote images into attachments, which makes them safe from cookie-stuffing.

If the source code has [attach] bbcode instead of [img] bbcode then it is not going to show because there is no risk.

The mod only counts the number of closing [/img] tags in a pre-rendered post so it doesn't count smilieys, attachments, or any other built-in images.
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