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Moving Servers

I am working on moving my forum to another server.
I have backed up my database and my files.
I have also moved all my files to my new server via ftp. In the same folder structure i had on my old server.
I restored my database in cpanel via back up option.
My problem is i have a new domain that im trying to use after i got all my files moved, on my still live site i logged into admin panel and changed the info to the new url. Then i closed the site.
When i go to the new domain and log in i can log in ok but i can not access the admin panel anymore because it seems to still be using my old domain.

EDIT- When i go to new url and log in everything is fine, when i go to log into admin panel the webpage comes up but my login screen is the default style when i have it set to a blue one. Now when i log in it starts to log in successfully and i get the redirect page. but then it takes me back to log in page like a loop.

Any help is appreciated.
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