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Originally Posted by TheInsaneManiac View Post
I've considered a UserCP option as well, maybe opt everyone in automatically and then they can opt out, but trust me, 99% of the people would opt out. This is why adblockers were invented. I feel like leaving it up to the users would defeat the purpose of this plugin. .
I believe that if you give users an incentive to use it, such as earning vbshop credits for using it would entice them to use it.

I know that if there is a leaderboard introduced (which I think vbactivity offers), that some users will get caught up in it... always trying to maintain that top rank.

Otherwise, you would probably have regulars enable it & those who complain about it can be told "well just don't turn it on, if you don't like it /thread".

Trying to around the community's back & not even telling them about it though. No. That's not the way you want to go about handling a modification such as this.
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