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No matter what you decide, the following statement (minimum) is going to eventually bring trouble.

1. If the internet wants to cheat the system with AdBlockers. We will cheat them right back.

You are creating a negative perspective immediately with that statement. Most of the service providers are not interested in cheating their own communities in any way and I am not saying that is what your intention is. But it does create the sense of "us vs them" when a community is all "Us".

It would go better to change that statement and consider what final_kaoss last suggested:

Originally Posted by final_kaoss
I believe that if you give users an incentive to use it, such as earning vbshop credits for using it would entice them to use it.

I know that if there is a leaderboard introduced (which I think vbactivity offers), that some users will get caught up in it... always trying to maintain that top rank.

Otherwise, you would probably have regulars enable it & those who complain about it can be told "well just don't turn it on, if you don't like it /thread".

Trying to around the community's back & not even telling them about it though. No. That's not the way you want to go about handling a modification such as this.
Just my 2c.
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